What Is Distressed Leather

Distressed leather is nothing but leather that has been artificially made to look old and used without losing on the strength of new leather. There are a number of ways used today to distress leather clothing and upholstery. The objective of doing this is to give newly made products a weathered and old look. This quality is sometimes found to be more attracting to the consumers as it tends to give the leather an antique look. The use of distressed leather has become quite common with many different types of items today. Fashion and clothing accessories like gloves, belts, wallets and hand bags are sometimes given the used look by using distressing methods that are prevalent today.

Distressed leather products are often considered more appealing to the eye and the user than the fresh leather products with new look. For this reason, sellers normally sell things made with distressed leather for a higher price than leather that is completely new and looks that way too. Jackets and other pieces of clothing made from leather are given a beating on the distressed look parameters to make them look old without actually making them weak like older leather apparels. However, consumers can choose to get around the higher price tag by choosing to distress their leather goods at home. You can always buy new leather product and distress them in the comfort of your home.

One benefit of doing this is that you can control how much or little artificial wear and tear the leather product undergoes. For example, a new leather upholstered sofa could be given a distressed look at home. All you have to do is spray it with a small amount of alcohol, then, lightly scrub the leather with sandpaper in your hand. You can do this to give the sofa look of being in the family for generations.

For leather clothing or accessories that you wear, what you can do is, after spraying it with alcohol, you Crumple the garment. What it does to the leather is it adds new creases to the it thus making it look used and old. Don’t get rash and take it slow so that it does not lose strength or starts to look too old for your liking.

You can also brush the leather with a wire brush. The wire brush can be used to do ageing to a particular area to your liking. You can also take the fabric to your lawn after moistening it and then kicking it around in the dirt. It can be done in a football ground too. Do it for a good 30 minutes and then pick it up and dust off the excess dust. The jacket is ready with distressed look.