What Is DNA Fingerprinting

Overview about the DNA fingerprinting

Basically the chemical structure which is available in DNA of every individual stands to be similar, there is just one difference which can be traced in the DNA of people and the DNA of animal is that of the sequence of base pairs. There are numerous of the base pairs which stand approximately millions and billions in every individual’s DNA and so it can be differentiated with the help of sequence as it is different in everyone. With the help of the sequence of base pair, each and every individual can be easily identified and recognized independently with the sequence. And since there are numerous or  millions and billions sequences of the base pairs, the DNA  fingerprinting is regarded as an extremely  time consuming job and the person who is doing the task will have to be vigilant enough as with the help of the results of the DNA  fingerprinting the person or the individual can be identified. Even the scientists are also searching the short process of DNA fingerprinting since there is repeatability in the DNA patterns.

These DNA patterns however do not give the fingerprint of individual instead these are even able to  identify  if the two samples of DNA  are of the same individual, or it is of the people who are related to each other, or if these patterns are of people who are not at all related to each other. The scientist basically uses a minute quantity of the sequences for testing the DNA fingerprinting which may also vary in different individuals and should also analyze these sequences to come on the specific probability DNA fingerprinting match.  Currently the DNA  fingerprinting is used in identifying the match case of paternity and match case of maternity and this test is also used which helps to  identify the criminals and victims easily.

DNA fingerprinting – Identifying the identity of person

Generally the he chemical structure which is available in DNA of every individual are basically similar and so to find the difference DNA fingerprinting use a particular kind of sequence of DNA, which is called as microsatellite, which  make the identification process very easy.  Some parts of the DNA is generally used for identifying the DNA fingerprinting, even though it is extremely variable, but still these are downloaded from the respective parents to the children. The microsatellites are generally the small pieces which are of the DNA that repeat several times for the provided DNA of the person. The microsatellite is regarded as heavily variable, which helps to provide the perfect substitute for DNA fingerprinting. The identity of the individual can be easily judged by taking a comparison of amount of microsatellite available.


So at the conclusion of this article the basic thing about the DNA fingerprinting is a technique to identify a particular person. By using these DNA fingerprinting techniques, each and every human being could be recognized exclusively by the series of the DNA pair. There are various millions of DNA pairs; the job would be extremely slow. As a substitute, the scientists are talented to utilize a shorter technique, as of repeat model in DNA fingerprinting.