What is Domestic Abuse

Any abusive or threatening behavior can be termed as a domestic abuse or violence. It is also called as a coercive behavior that includes many other crimes like forced marriages and honor crimes too. Abuse in the form of minority community issues is called as ‘honour killings’.  Generally, the abusive person uses abuse as an easiest tool to control or intimidate another person to make the other person perform certain things or either refrain them from doing certain things. As the result the impact on the sufferer can be more devastating by injuring him / her physically or psychologically, thereby causing depressing, fear, suicides and self harm too.

There are different kinds of abuses like physical, emotional, financial, sexual etc.

Physical abuse: Abuser may hit, burn, isolate, punch, pinch, slap, kick another person to cause pain and bodily injury.

Emotional Abuse/ Mental Abuse: Abuser will tend to consistently insult, criticize or underestimate the abilities and capabilities of another person with an intention to hurt his / her emotional feelings.

Sexual abuse: Abuser might force, threaten or intimidate another person for an unwanted sex including rape. Abuser also uses degrading sexual language or treatment to force a person to perform sexual acts.

Financial abuse: Abuser might withhold the money or take a penny account of expenditure from a person with a sole intention to harass him or her mentally.

Although, there are several excuses that an abuser may give to defend a domestic abuse like consuming excessive alcohol, drugs or sedatives. However, no excuse can ever be save an abuser in law from harming the victim’s life, dignity or honor.

The abuser is considered psychologically of an unsound mind who intends to create fear, control and power over the victim by hurting him / her physically or mentally. He or She might also give varied excuses like being stressed out or having lost a valuable job to harm another person. Many abusers think that they cause hurt especially because they think that a victim enjoys being getting hurt or either deserves it. It is mainly because of the reason that victims do not consider any irrational behavior of their partner as an abuse or violence. When a victim does not retaliate to the abusive or violent behavior of their partner, the abuser considers his or her abusive behavior of as a normal act.  

People who tend overlook, deny or give varied excuses to protect their abusive partner or member are ultimately victimized to the extent of ending up their own life. It is for this reason that many organizations today offer their timely advice, legal help and support to the victims so as to protect them from any further domestic abuse or violence.