What Is Douche

Douching can refer to irrigation of any orifice of the body using water or to a device that is used to carry out the function which is often done for either hygienic or medical reasons. Most of the time this refers to irrigating the vagina which is rinsing the area but it can also refer to irrigating any other part of the body nook. A Douche bag is usually a section of equipment used for douching which holds the douching liquid such as water. To avoid bacteria transference it’s considered unwise to use the same bag for both anal and vaginal douching. The term douche is from the French meaning shower and also for Italian for conduit pipe.

Vaginal douche is often carried out using water which can be mixed with vinegar and at times antiseptics may be included in the mix. Some proponents of the method argue for it while others say that it has no real benefits. Part of the reason why it’s done is to ensure that the vagina remains free of the vaginal odors. Women who are going through the menses can also use the method to avoid smearing their partners with the menses blood if they intend to have sex. Douching was used in the past by women to prevent conception but it has been proved that it’s not effective as a contraceptive.

From the point of most health professionals, douching is a risky affair for those who engage in it since it tends to infer with the vaginal self-cleansing process. It has also been shown to infer with the natural flora in the vagina, while at the same time the possibility of introducing infection is not uncommon. Research has shown that it’s highly likely to lead to irritation, vaginosis and is also a factor in pelvic inflammatory diseases. When it’s done frequently there is the possibility of running the risk of vaginal infections such as yeast due to upsetting the vaginal PH.

Even when antiseptics are used the possibility of an infection is still quite high due to the damage that is done to the natural flora of the vagina. Unclean equipment if used in douching is likely to result in introducing foreign bodies in to the body which can be quite problematic and increase the possibility of an infection. In the extreme douching can wash bacteria in to the fallopian tube and the uterus leading to infertility issues. When used as a method of birth control it only manages to decrease the possibility of conception by about 20 percent thus making it quite inefficient method of birth control. Currently douching is more practiced in the United States more than any other place. A survey in 1995 found out that douching was done by about 27 percent of women in the US and was prevalent in African American women by 50 percent than among the white women. Women who douche and later conceive have a higher likelihood of ectopic pregnancy and low birth rate than women who never douched.