What is DRM

Digital media can be copyright protected with help of “Digital Rights Management (DRM)”. The main objective of DRM is to put off unlawful posting of digital media. It also blocks the way of copying the purchased products and exchange of products from peer to peer. The key tool behind DRM is embedded coding which makes the product to be safe and secured. The product is delivered with some restrictions that it can be installed in particular devices only and the act of copying can be prohibited for an unambiguous period of instance.


The chief thing about DRM technology is that it protects the privileges of the end user. The consumer gets the products with the rights of protecting copyright products.  For this purpose Microsoft Play Ready software and PIFF (Protected Interoperable File format) will be inbuilt in the DRM devices. This makes the consumers to view the films in a secured manner with the restrictions of copyscape.

Copyright Law:

In DRM technology “The Fair Use Doctrine” copyright law is followed. This determines the fair use of the product as though it is a difficult task to perform, it can be done with perfect supporting software. This law is practical to the digital information and can be solved as it is entitled with the music file purchased by the consumers. The criterion of installing particular purchased software which is installed in the system is taken into account else the number of times customer using the particular borrowed movie is seen.

Implementation Process:

There are four levels involved in this process as listed below.

  • For a specific content, copyright has been obtained
  • The content sharing has been managed
  • Determination of content that the consumer can be accessed with
  • The delivered content must be controlled finally.

For effective usage of DRM it must satisfies three things namely “the customer, the content that is provided to them and the consumer rights”. Rather that these three things it is important to see the controlling process of the content which has been distributed.

The Outlook of DRM:

In future there will be balance in the consumer rights and the owner activity of protecting the copyright products. Based upon this aspect more applications can be developed in DRM technology. Contraption of playback products will be drastically increased. E-publishing industry will get bloomed with help of this technology. As all these things are coming into market, hackers are there to crack it and DRM code will be broken by them. For these kinds of people new technologies are upcoming to keep the product to be more secured.