What is Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo as the name suggest is dry, i.e. it is a style of shampoo without using water, isn’t it exciting?  Of course, through the dry shampoo one can treat the dull and lifeless hair without a drop of water.  Therefore, whether you are travelling or on a camping dry shampoo can be very easy to tackle.  It is very lucrative, since in the afternoon or in the evening whenever your hair looks a little dirty you can always have a very glossy and glamorous hair.  You do not have to waste 20 minutes; rather by sprinkling certain dry products, you can make your hair look good.

Dry shampoo is amazingly good for people who are having very oily hair.  With oily hair, sometimes-single hair wash does not work however, by the use of dry shampoo one can manage with them easily without much concern and trouble.  However, it does not mean it is a substitute to the liquid shampoo. Dry shampoo is used to get rid of dirty easily anywhere and everywhere, but the hair needs to be regularly washed with ample water.  You might be thinking about that what is the use of dry shampoo is then.  Well dry shampoo is also a hair cleaner but it cannot remove the chemical that is produced during the use of various hair styling products.  Still if you are travelling in deserts or at the places, where you would find a lot of scarcity of water, then in that case dry shampoo would be a boon for you.

With a little discussion of the topic, you might be getting curious to know about the pros and cons of using dry shampoo.  Here are some of the easy steps that might make you excited to try it once.

  • This method is very easy and simple.  You would be amazed to know that the raw material for the dry shampoo, are most of the time available in the kitchen and at the local store.  For dry shampoo, you can take one table spoon of the corn starch and sprinkle it on the hair as well as scalp.  This will remove almost all the dirt and oil from the hair.  If you are unable to get the cornstarch, you can also replace it with the ground oatmeal.  It will also work in a similar manner.
  • The other method that you can use for the dry shampoo is that you can take ½ cup of cornmeal, almond meal, and orrisroot.  Mix all the three kinds of powder in the glass jar and shake it well.  Now take at least two-table spoon of mixture, and apply on the hair and leave for an hour.  Finally brush it off and clean it properly.  The left mixture can used later on.
  • Take ½ cup of cornmeal and mix tablespoon of salt.  Dust it on the hair and after sometimes brush it off properly.  It may remove all the dirt and leaving your hair with a healthy glow.
  • You can also try it with couple of eggs.  Beat the eggs properly until it reaches the consistency of meringues.  Apply it on the hair let it dry properly, and brush it off after it is dried off.  This is a good protein treatment as well as natural cleanser for hair.
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