What is Dual Core Technology

Dual core technology is basically putting two processors on a single chip. Dual core processor is between a single core processor and a dual processor system for architecture. Dual core technology has two processors but it does not mean that it will be providing double performance in all the areas to the user. It has two cores but shares some of the hardware like the memory controller and bus while a dual processor system has completely separate hardware and shares nothing with the other processor.

There are many benefits which the dual core technology provides. Its benefits have also been seen in the server environment. By having multiple processors on a single server, the tasks running on the server is divided between the processors and hence the system functions faster as a whole. Main aim of this technology is to take two physical processors and then integrate them on a single physical chip. Dual processors are more benefited to the users who are using multithreaded applications or software’s as the work gets divided over the processors.

Mobile dual-core processors are also available for mobile devices. These are processor systems consisting of two independent processor cores combined in one integrated circuit (IC). Basically, mobile dual-core processors place two central processing unit (CPU) cores in one processor. Dual-core technology was first applied to desktop computing and home console gaming, but it was quickly adapted for mobile computing.

Most of the early dual-core processors are running at lower clock speeds as compared to single core processors as a dual core processor with each running at 1GHz should be equivalent to a single processor running at 2GBz. This results in the unthreaded applications running faster on a single processor than a dual core CPU. And increasing the clock speed of the processor is very difficult and more expensive to design and build. Higher is the clock frequency, the more waste heat is generated. This results in the system getting hotter and thus needs more effort to keep it cool for working properly.

Gaming cannot take advantage of dual core processor chips because the games have not been programmed for dual core processors and hence no increase in speed is achieved. The nature of the games is such and crunching needed for displaying intense graphics cannot be divided among multiple cores for processing fast.