What is DWDM

DWDM stands for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. DWDM is a technology used to increase the capacity of fiber optics that results in faster transfers of data. As the Fiber optics are very thin and small fibers that are used to transmit data and light throughout a computer and network that’s why increasing its capacity is very beneficial.

The DWDM takes different signals and sends them at varying wavelengths simultaneously along a single fiber. This allows a fiber to increase its capacity and in effect makes it seem as if there are multiple fibers stemming from a single fiber. As the signals are sent at different wavelengths, so the signals are also not lost or affected. DMDW revolutionized data transmission technology by increasing the capacity signal of embedded fiber. This increase means that the incoming optical signals are assigned to specific wavelengths within a designated frequency band and then multiplexed onto one fiber.

This process has made it possible for multiple video, audio, and data channels to be transmitted over one fiber while maintaining system performance and enhancing transport systems. This technology responds to the growing need for efficient and capable data transmission by working with different formats and also increasing the bandwidth. Bandwidth is increased as it provides fast, simple, and dynamic provisioning of network connections and also gives its providers the ability to provide high-bandwidth services in days rather than months.

Fiber optic amplifier (one of the component of DWDM system) helps in taking in and amplifying optical signals without converting them into electrical signals, thus reduces lots of cost and makes it a cost effective method for transferring data from one place to another. The DMDW also amplifies a broad range of wavelengths.

DWDM is physical layer architecture, that’s why it can transparently support both TDM and data formats with open interfaces over a common physical layer. DWDM also leverages the abundance of dark fiber in many metropolitan area and enterprise networks to quickly meet demand for capacity on point to point links.

The data transmission through the DWDM can be transmitted easily but it must be done with the help of the Ethernet or the internet protocol which had been developed. The entire traffic over the system is carried at a different speed and the traffic generated to the system is of different types so the speed rate varies.

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