What is Dyslexia

Innumerable people have been suffering the disorder called as Dyslexia for a long time now. This disorder has talked and discussed for a long time now. It is essential to understand that magnanimity of this disorder may vary from individual to individual. In some cases it is mild while in other cases, the situation can worsen to a great extent. You need to remember that the sooner a patient is diagnosed with this problem, the greater are the chances of the patient getting rid of the problem. However, you need to always remain optimistic because the best part of this disorder is that there is never too late to start because you need to start from square one in all instances. Since the person is not able to read, listen, speak or understand properly, so you need to be patient with such individuals.

Some areas of the brain will not interpret language when it suffers with some problems.  This type of disorder mainly concerns with specific information processing problem.  One could not able to think or to understand complex ideas.  People suffering with this developmental reading disorder will just have normal intelligence or above average intelligence.  They won’t be brilliants or intelligent.  This disorder also appears with writing disorder and other arithmetic disorders.  Mostly this type of disorders seems in joint families or large families. Person with Dyslexia will face trouble in rhyming and separating sounds while speaking the words.  These troubles increase considerably and face difficulty in reading too.  Children suffer from the initial stage in reading, word recognition and could not spell out the words in the right way. They could not even connect the sounds of the language and frame the words of their own.  They struggle with difficulty in understanding the sentences.

Children suffering with Dyslexia will not able to determine the meaning of a simple sentence.  They could not recognize the written words and spell out on their own.  They face difficulty in rhyming too. In most of the causes, emotional disorders, diseases of the brain, mental retardation, cultural and education factors cause mental and learning disabilities.  Doctors, particularly psychologists deal these cases very seriously.  They shall have to perform complete medical examination for the patient including the neurological exam.  They will ask the questions relating to person’s developmental, social and school related performances.  They will also ask for the hereditary impact that whether the disease came from their ancestors.

Treatment of this developmental reading disorder needs strategic planning.  Step by step the plan shall be implemented to get success.  Special education plan shall be created for every child who is suffering with these symptoms.  Parents shall have to give extra learning assistance for them.  They should be given with private and individual tutoring.  Special day classes shall be conducted.  Simply to say, they shall be sorted out of all the students and shall give proper care in their education.  Positive and optimistic way of reinforcement and thoughts shall be injected in the students who face learning disabilities.  At regular intervals, they must be given with psychological counselling.

Neglecting this reading disorder may lead to change in the behaviour also.  They feel depressed and struggle with loss of self esteem.  They could not perform well during their job performance too.  Thus this problem shall be rectified with proper care and caution from the childhood itself.  Mostly students of large families or joint families’ children face this problem.  For such children, parents should take extra care and also consider where the mistake is going wrong with them.  They shall rectify and should create a good environment where the child wants to spend most of his time.