What is E. Coli

The e coli bacteria may be common but what is e coli bacterium is to be known. This is an infection causing bacteria. The expansion for e coli is Escherichia coli. They are found in the animals’ lower intestine. The gastroenteritis and the neonatal meningitis are the most harmful effects of these bacteria. They can cause the worst urinary tract infection. Most of the urinary tract infections are because of these bacteria. The infection will start from the feces of the human and spread to the urinary tract and to the urinary bladder.

 The infection which goes to the urinary bladder will soon reach the kidneys which are dangerous. These bacteria can also infect the male prostrate glands. The human body will loose its immune resistance slowly after the infection. These bacteria form the K antigen which attacks the urinary tract. This infection deepens as the immune system will go down. Each Person will have different intensity of infection in the urinary tract. So the doctor will pursue to take antibiotics according to the affects. Some of the e coli bacteria are having large resistance for the antibiotics. This has become a head ache for the doctors to treat the patients with urinary tract infection. 

If the patients use the anti biotic frequently also the bacteria will become stubborn for the antibiotic. The researches are going on for an effective anti biotic for these e coli bacteria. But the patients have to cope with the antibiotics only for the urinary tract infection. The bacteria multiply very easily, so the urinary tract infections have to be treated immediately. The urinary tract infections will slowly spread to the kidneys. Once the infection reaches the kidneys, it is difficult for the patient to recover. This bacterium is present in all the bodies in the digestive system. 

They produce some toxic effect in the digestive system for the digestive tract to get infected. It is always good to know what is e coli? The bacteria will infect eh urinary tract and soon lead their way to the urinary bladder to the kidneys. This causes a renal failure. The people who work with cattle, the people eat food which is not cooked poorly especially non-vegetarian will have more chances for getting this e coli bacteria into their body. The unpasteurized milk and the contaminated water may also be the reasons for the e coli bacteria to attack the body. Hygiene starts with the food preparation. The food has to be cooked well especially non-vegetarian food. If the hands are dirty after going for a picnic or gardening, it is always better to wash the hands thoroughly.