What is E-Verify

E-verify simply stands for electronic verify and is a form of federal database in which employers can use to check the employment approval of their workers. For a new employee, the employer can simply search for the employment status of the individual. The system enables employers to know the employees who are working legally in that particular company. The system is free for any employer who wishes to use it however, for the government contractors or those who wish to receive contracts from the government then a small fee is charged.

The E-verify system was established back in the year 1997 as an employment eligibility program. The workers were supposed to fill in some forms to verify their eligibility to work in whatever firm. The system was supposed to exit back in 2008 but, due to the rising concerns of the functionality of the system and the impact it had in the working climate its mandate was extended.

According to the E-verify the employee is supposed to fill in a form called the I-9 form. This document is supposed to be completed by both the employee and the employer. The employee is supposed to fill in section 1 of the form with his or her personal details and also provide prove of employment authorization. Some of the documents the employee has to provide include the driver’s license, social security and passport. Once the employee has fully completed the form the employer is supposed to fill part two of the form confirming that they have examined the documents and they are authentic.

For those living or those who wish to work in the united states the system is administered by the citizenship and immigrations service of the United States under the department of homeland security and social security administration. For you to be a participant you are required to register and take a tutorial test. Once an individual has entered his or her names and social security number they can then look up at the hiring department to check their employment legibility status.

The e-verify has some limitations in that the employees have the right to challenge the results of the system if there have been some errors like mismatch of information which suggest that they are not legible to work in that particular country. The E-verify also limits the employers to use the system only after they have hired a new employee and not before. This means the employers cannot use it as the basis of hiring a new employee. This is an advantage to the employee but not to the employer. Also the system cannot be used on existing employees.