What Is Early Decision

Students are supposed to apply for early decision by the end of October in their senior school, and they receive the decision by the middle of the December on their application from the college or university. On the contrary, students can apply for regular admissions by the end of December and will get decision of college by April.

The policy of admission of fresh students is adopted differently in various colleges as some of them offer early action program or early decision program for the freshers whereas others offer somewhat longer time for admission. Early decision program has a binding on the student to take the admission which takes decision for his admission, withdrawing all the applications made to other institutes whereas early action program does not have any binding on the student to take admission in a college that approves his decision. Moreover, students are allowed to apply only one early decision program while they are free to apply with more than one institution under early action program.

Effects of early decision

The students who have applied under early decision program in a institution then they will get effected in three ways; either they will be accepted to get admission in the school and will be bound to take admission there, or get rejected which will not allow them to attend the school in any condition, or they are deferred which will allow them to wait for decision alongwith the second round of early decision candidates or with the regular admissions and are informed later on with decision of the institute. In the case of deferred decision on the early decision application, usually, binding on the student lapses to get admission in other institutes.

So far as admission rates are concerned, the candidates of early decision program are charged with higher rates than all other admissions in the college but this trend varies with each college. This decision for higher admission rates depends on three main factors:

  • Candidates, applying for early decision program, must be above all strong applicants with very influential records as they have to present the colleges with their records until the end of junior year of high school 
  • Candidates, applying for early decision program, are dedicated to the institution and are most likely to match admission standards of the institution
  • Student athletes severally apply for early decision program to the school of their top choice to show their obligation to a college/varsity coach who may, in turn, move forward their applications in the process of their admissions

Some of the consultants advise the loyal students of a particular college or institute to apply under early decision program of the institute of their top choice. Thus, early decision is an admission policy generally adopted by the colleges of undergraduate programs to offer admissions to the candidates in their last semester in their high school.