What Is Eau De Toilette

People have used fragrances and perfumed oils since ancient times for cosmetic as well as religious purposes. There are many reasons why people love to adorn their bodies with fragrances. Some feel that a nice refreshing fragrance can uplift the mood, and there are others who want to make a style statement through the perfumes they wear.

The word Toilette originated from the French word ‘toile’ which means cloth. In earlier times, bathing was not an everyday practice and a scented cloth was used, instead, for cleaning. Thus, eau de toilette literally means water for cleaning and dressing. Eau de Toilette or EdT, as it is commonly referred to, is a weak and light perfume, which contains 5-15% essential oils. Sometimes, it is also called toilet water.

Most of the fragrances around us are obtained from flower and plant sources, which contain essential oils. The alcohol, usually ethanol, forms the base of the perfume and water is added to dilute it. The more concentrated the perfume is, the higher is its cost. Based on the concentrations, there are 3 levels of perfumes. Perfume extract is the purest and most expensive of them all and contains 20-40% oils, followed by Eau de Parfum and then Eau de Toilette. In simple terms, Eau de Toilette is a diluted version of Eau de Parfum, as the latter contains around 15% aromatic compounds.

Alongwith Eau de Colgne, Eau de Toilette is a commonly used fragrance as they both are very mild. Eau de Toilette is a refreshing and uplifting fragrance which can be applied generously to the body, anytime during the day, preferably after shaving or taking a bath. This less concentrated fragrance is used as a body mist, body splash and for products to be used after a shower. The fragrance of EdT is refreshing but very short lived, as the compounds evaporate quickly.

Another element of all the scents are its notes and there are three notes of all the scents; top, heart and base notes. While the top note creates the first impression, it dissipates quickly, sometimes within a few minutes of applying. The heart note forms the essence of the scent and lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Base notes take more time to develop and they are the ones which remain there for a long time. In Eau de Toilette, the ratio of top, heart and base note is found to be 5:3:2 as compared to Perfume Extract which has a ratio of 2:3:5. In short, the top notes are pre-dominant in Eau de Toilette and thus it evaporates quickly.

Citurs, floral, earth and musk are popular themes of fragrances. Nowdays, perfumery industry offers cool and refreshing scents in Eau de Toilettes for men and women.