What is Eczema

Disease can affect any human organ and skin is no different. The skin of a human can be affected with several kinds of diseases and eczema is one of them. Eczema is considered as one of the form of dermatitis, in which the epidermis of the skin gets soar. This disease is available at almost each and every part of the globe. More than 5 millions of people are suffering from this disease in England only.

The Symptoms of Eczema

  1. In case of eczema, the skin of the patient becomes dry.
  2. Skin rashes are found on the skin of a patient suffering from this disease. The skin rashes reoccur.
  3. The skin of the affected area becomes red.
  4. The skin of the affected area becomes itchy. The patients finds it difficult to endure the irresistible itching.
  5. Flaking of the skin may happen in this disease.
  6. The skin of the affected area may crack.
  7. Water oozes out from the skin of the affected area. Bleeding may occur in some cases.
  8. Temporary discoloration of the skin happens in case of this disease.

Different Types of Eczema

Atopic Eczema
This is one of the most common form of Eczema. It is classified under the group of allergic diseases. This is an hereditary disease. A person, whose parents have asthma may suffer from this disease, once in his or her lifetime. This form of Eczema generally affects neck, hand, buttock along with other parts of the body.

Contact Dermatitis
This is another common form of Eczema. This is of two types; allergic and irritant. The allergic form of this disease affects a person, when the skin of the person comes in contact with allergens like nickel or poison. On the other hand, when the skin of a person comes in contact with irritants like wet cement and lauryl sulphate, the other form of the disease affects the person.

The two forms of eczema described above are two most common forms of eczema. Beside those two, there are many other forms of eczema are there but those are not seen often.

Prevention of Eczema

  • A person should keep his or her skin cleaned properly. Water is not enough to clean the skin. Skin shop should be used at the time of cleaning the skin. Disinfectant is better to use at the time of cleaning the skin.
  • One should stay away from a person suffering from eczema. Staying away doesn’t mean that a person should not talk with the suffering person or would not sit beside the patient. But one should make sure that the affected portion of the patient should not come in contact with his or her skin. 
  • A person should stay away from allergens and irritant.