What Is Education

When a person comes to this world as a newly born baby, he or she comes without any knowledge at all; whereas, knowledge is required in each and every step of life and to excel in the life. A person gets precious knowledge and knows the subtle art of living by going through the education process.

Education starts from the very beginning for each and every human being. After coming out of the mother’s womb, a kid first learns to find the breasts of the mother and he or she also learns to make noise through crying, when he or she needs anything.

However, the systematic education starts, when the kid grows up, at least become two years old. Now, let us discuss the different steps of a common education system. The systematic education starts for a kid, when he or she starts going to the school.

Kindergarten – The education of a kid starts from kindergarten. Generally a kid above the age of 3 admits into the kindergarten. This is generally of two years. After completing the kindergarten successfully, a kid becomes eligible for the primary education. In case of the kindergarten, the curriculum is not so intensive. The kid plays most of the time during his or her days in the kindergarten. In fact, the trainers make the kids ready for the higher education, during these two years.

Primary Education – The real action begins from here. A child starts learning different subjects and arts for the first time during the primary education. The course of study of the primary education varies from place to place; but teachers teach the basics of everything to the children, during the primary education. The tenure of the primary education varies from 3 years to 5 years from place to place.

Upper Primary – After completing the primary education successfully a student gets into the upper primary level. The courses of study becomes a bit advanced than the primary level and the tenure of upper primary education varies from 2-4 years.

Higher Education – Don’t confuse this with the highest education, but as this is the last step of the school education; so it is called as higher education. After completing this successfully, a student gets eligible to enroll in any graduation program.

Graduation – The tenure of the graduation program varies from 3-5 years in different places and for different courses. After completing this step successfully, a student gets the bachelor degree and is called as a graduate. 

Master Degree – After getting the degree, one could go for master degree and for that he or she has to toil hard for at least 2 years.

Doctorate – This is the final step of education in any particular subject. A person can do doctorate degree in many disciplines but can’t do anything higher than a doctorate degree in any particular discipline. 

In this discussion, we just discussed education from one angel. However, education is a really vast topic and it can be discussed from every angel and if one discus