What Is Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology plays an important role in analyzing every aspect of education rendered to a student. Educational Psychology deals with the impact of different educational environments on  students and used to scrutinize and enhance educational settings in that environment. It deals with different minute sections of education such as teaching, capability of a student, and other social elements. Educational psychology helps in clustering different segments and provide suggestion to improve our society. Both USA and Canada have legally recognized the distinction of Educational Psychologist but this distinction is not yet recognized around the world.  Educational Psychologist helps educational institution in acquire the correct balance between the every aspect of student psychology such as social, cultural, and impact of educational environment on students.

It also helps educational institutions in establishing Intelligence quotient bar for students. Off late, the definition of educational psychologist has changed as the analysis of many educational psychologists were taken to revamp the educational system in Canada. Who is an educational psychologist?This particular question has become a global debate as many governing bodies have not recognized the distinction of educational psychologist. Nevertheless, anyone, who is a psychologists or a professional teacher with experience in counseling students can opt for the distinction of educational psychologist but have to take some national examination. Educational psychology is used to understand social, cognitive, and moral development of different types of learners. Characteristics such as age plays and important as human behavior changes with age.

So, for an educational psychologist, it is very important to understand such characteristics and help a particular learner or institution in overall development. Impact of Educational Psychology Educational psychology also deals with student individuality as well. No human can have same characteristics and certain characteristics such as intelligence, cognitive reactions, communication skills, and disabilities varies. Hence, it is the role of educational psychologist to define the boundaries  after analyzing different individuals and cluster them into different sections. In USA, educational psychologist play a huge role in depicting educational or intelligence related disabilities in kids and recognize their potential. The psychological report or analysis forms the basis of recruiting students in different educational institution.

The report also determines whether a kid is capable enough to cope with the conventional education system or he/she must be recruited in some special school. Fundamentals of Educational psychologyThe job of educational psychologist is not simple. The chief function of educational psychologist is to use research methods such as quantitative methods , qualitative methods and apply basic educational objective to scrutinize a educational situation. A educational psychologist applies the instructional model and works on various domain such as evaluation, creation, analysis, understanding of different aspects of remote educational psychology, and applying the results of the above domain and use it as its objective. One of the major functionality of an educational psychologist is to look for cognitive solutions.