What Is Ejaculation

Ejaculation is an important phase in human reproduction. The release of semen from penis is known as ejaculation. Sexual arousal initiates this process which ends in male orgasm. Proper ejaculation is needed for successful fertilization of egg.

What is Ejaculation?

Reproduction in human is dependent on the male reproductive organ as it ejaculates the semen which has to travel all the way to the ovary. Ejaculation begins the process of reproduction but the spermatozoa containing semen travels all the way to the ovary in order to fertilize with the egg. Ejaculation is the release of semen containing spermatozoa while a male experiences orgasm. The semen is released by the testes. Ejaculation is important for successful fertilization and natural conception.  

The process of ejaculation

The process begins with sexual arousal in males. The erotic stimuli or turn on is the stimulus responsible for both physical and mental sexual desire. Whenever, such feeling or sensation is experienced the scrotum contracts and the erection of penis is witnessed.

The scrotum is the pocket of skin which holds the testes. During sex drive the scrotum contracts and tightens the ejaculatory ducts. The penis is an erectile copulatory organ and it is composed of three layers of erectile tissue. The penis has a elongated shaft-like shape which enlarges during sexual arousal. The tip of penis or glans penis becomes visible during this phase. Immediately after sexual arousal blood gushes in the empty and collapsed erectile tissue of penis and this is the reason behind erection of penis. At this phase penis is ready to ejaculate semen.

Erection of penis cannot lead to ejaculation as penile stimulation is needed to force testes to release semen through ejaculatory ducts. Penile stimulation can be only experienced during intercourse or manual ejaculation commonly known as masturbation. This penile stimulation leads to contraction of scrotum and semen gushes through glan penis. Man experiences orgasm and soon after two or three contraction he ejaculates. At this point, ejaculation becomes involuntary and no man can consciously count the number of contractions he has experienced. Ejaculation continues until orgasm is over. Volume of semen released during ejaculation varies from man to man. However, 1 to 10 ml of semen is released by a man.   

The completion of orgasm is followed by a phase of relaxation known as refractory period. The penis collapses and no man can have another erection or orgasm. Further penile stimulation leads to immense   pain in penis at this moment.

Disorders related to ejaculation

  • Anejaculation
    Most famous disorder related to ejaculation. A man is unable to ejaculate if he has this disorder. Various factors are responsible for this disorder such as removal of prostate gland, malfunction in ejaculatory duct, and sexual inhibition.
  • Dysejaculation
    A man experiences tremendous pain during ejaculation if he has this disorder.
  • Retrograde ejaculation
    In this situation, the semen is not released through penis but it is released in the urinary bladder.