What is Elder Abuse

It is usually observed that the majority of elder abusers are from the family and friends itself. One of the major causes of an Elderly abuse is an old age mental or physical stage of a person. Reports reveal millions of seniors been abused, neglected and exploited every year. 

In order to explain the term “elderly abuse” we can distinguish and differentiate varied kinds of abuses like:

  • Physical Abuse: 
    It can be explained in the form of broken bones, cuts, burns, abrasions, negligence, or any mistreatment. An aggressive person may tend to target elder person to release his anger, frustration and violence. This is mainly due to the reason that aged people are physically weak and unable to rebel back at times when a physical violence is inflicted upon them. At times, abuser may even go to an extent to give a medical overdose or impose unwanted restrains on them to make them further weak both mentally and physically.  
  • Sexual abuse:
    An elder person can also encounter forced sexual acts in the form of sexual conversations, viewing explicit sexual contents or materials, causing bruises or harming their sexual parts. This can also lead an abused person contracted with genital infections or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Emotional Abuse: 
    The abuser may inflict distress or mental pressure upon an aged person in the form of verbal abuse or nonverbal act like threat, humiliation and intimidation. Constant nagging or using abusive language to underestimate, de-motivate or humiliation elderly also comes under the purview of an emotional abuse.
  • Financial Abuse: 
    The abuser can also forcibly take away the hard earned and lifelong savings, property or investments of an elderly, leaving him or her no financial choice to carry on day to day expenses. Acquiring property by force and emotional pressure, forced signatures on wills or forced account closures are some of the instances of a financial abuse.

Besides this, it is the need of every senior person to have adequate nutrition, physical hygienic, medical treatment, and happy, safe, and secured environment to live in. On the contrary a caretaker may try to intentionally neglect his or her basic duties by abandoning or neglecting an elderly and adversely affecting his or her normal living life. Reports actually reveal that any negligence or abuse on the part of a caretaker is mainly caused due to the reason that often it is the elders or seniors themselves who try to self neglect their basic needs and requirements.

Today, with a view to protect and safeguard the rights of the elderly people , there are many countries that have established individual social institutions, organizations, old age homes, rules, laws and regulations to prevent an elderly abuse.  Nevertheless, everything depends upon the abused people to take a strong initiative and come out an abusive environment by alerting their well wishers and friends or by simply verifying their abuse with the concerned authorities.