What is Email

Email is Electronic Mail. Email or electronic mail means to send or receive messages electronically. Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer in late 1971. The first message was sent between the two computers that were sitting beside each other. The first message was ‘QWERTYUIOP”. The network used for transferring the message was ARPANET. Ray Tomlinson used @ symbol to combine the user and the host names user@host like abc@xyz.com. This is usually called address of the person to whom you want to send the message.

Email, in today’s age has become one of the most widely used internet application. You can send messaged to the other people who are connected with each other through a network. Most of the people in business, government and education prefer using email in comparison to conventional mail which is also known as snail mail for communicating with their colleagues. Email has contributed a lot to the growth of internet as it has brought close together families and friends that are scattered all around the world. As email has come into picture, the task of sending and receiving messages has become very easy. It also eliminates time delays and the other problem which you can face if the message will be delivered physically. It is used frequently in our day to day life now as it is very simple to use. The protocols which are used to deal with email are SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). SMTP protocol is used to transfer the messages over a network and also gives an indication of incoming messages. POP protocol is used to enable the users to move their emails from mail server to their computers. It works in offline access mode. It is just like a real post office, which collects all the pending mails from the mail server to the user’s own computer. IMAP protocol enables a user to manipulate email messages in the server without downloading them to the user’s own computer. You can view just the heading and the sender of the email and then you can decide what you want to do with the message. Whether you want to download it or want to delete it. Email service should be used with some precautions. Your account can be hacked or if you are transferring some critical information, it can be stolen while transferring. So use email service carefully.

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