What is eMeeting

An emeeting is a successor to the tele-conference where people at different places could to talk to each other like in a conference. It is also an improvement on the video conference which requires elaborate camera equipments, mobile van etc. The advent of emeeting has simplified the entire process of holding conference in which the participants are stationed at different places. Face to face conferences pose innumerable problems if it involves security consideration also.    

 Face to face conferences can be arranged with allot of planning very well in advance sometimes months earlier. The choice of a proper venue with all attendant problems about infrastructure, accommodation, etc; is a big headache. The convenience of the participants, their transport plans, their accommodation and movements will all have to be looked into and sorted out for the conference can really start. An emeeting does not involve any of these problems and it can be conducted without any hassles.

 Software packages have been developed so that busy businesspersons can hold conferences with the people they want from any place in the world. Participants attending emeetings can speak to each other using the VOIP which makes the use of a conference phone unnecessary. The participants see each other on the computer screen as in a face to face meeting. One of the good aspect of emeetings is that virtual whiteboards can be included which will enable the participants to draw charts models etc for discussion.

 The emeeting discussed in the conference are automatically recorded, both visually and in audio also. It is available for future reference as well as to anyone who might not be able to take part in the discussion. The galloping technology in the computer industry has enabled companies to save considerable amount money because of the economy achieved by emeetings. Traveling long distances poses various problems and emeeting gives immense relief to people who can avoid expensive and tiring travel. The emeetings are also used for other purposes. Business meetings have the most important use.

 Software companies have brought out different software packages to be used for holding emeetings. All of them give the same benefits to companies in the matter of time and expenses for holding meetings. Meetings can be conducted in many ways but the video feature is common to all. Similarly the VOIP enables natural voice to be transmitted through internet. This capability has played a substantial part in emeetings getting more popular. As an aside to this software companies reports that with VOIP available applications for landline telephone have come down.  

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