What is Emo

Were living in a world full of happiness, smiles, love and everything that showcase an optimistic lifestyle, but of a sudden, there was these so called psychologically emotional people but Who are they? They are common people who have witnessed reality which is more than happiness and love. This reality lead to the foundation of a music genre known as EMO.  

Emo: trend and culture

Teenagers nowadays adapt the newest genres of music; an example of it is EMO. Emo as a gothic rock music (originating in 1980’s) which usually the vocalist used to scream and has heavy bitter lyrics on it. Emo music is something that an artist do to put his entire feelings on the song, usually the pain and all he felt in his real experience is being placed in it, also if not from a real experience he creates something that he wants to happen and put it in a song.

Some Teens like the Emo music similar to the trend because of the way they dress, the same in music the way they place the synchronization of the story inside the music shows the relations of everything in his life, in trends we can see that everything that emo wears is black it also has the connection between everything.

The EMO Genre: Music, lyrics, and the bands

By means of music, there is an emo band that existed and it is the Rites of Spring, this band  initially started as Punk rock band but they are the founders of EMO genre, it was in the year 1980’s. Emo can be described as a much heavy version of indie and punk rock. The genre took the sound from punk rock and highly emotional lyrics from indie rock. Emo music is also known as screamo.  Som famous Emo bands are All American Rejects, Alesana, Amber Pacific, Eyes Set To kill, My Chemical Romance and Boys like Girls. These band usually have scream in their songs, it shows how the person felt in every lyrics of the song, the lyrics are very high on emotion. The band Boys like Girls has their single Fall For You, this song was actually dedicated to a girl who died and that shows how the singer felt after that melancholy of his life, the depression he felt made him emotional because of the death of his love. Another EMO band, Amber pacific had a song the Poetically Pathetic which clearly demonstartes the genre. It is a song showing a person’s falls and a person who seem hopeless. On the band Eyes Set to kill their song Darling showed how a person changed because of the betrayal that his loved one did, a person who didn’t accept the fact that the person he trust never loved him back, this song contains so much screaming of a guy saying “ Darling don’t lie to me”.

Impact of Emo

This genre showed the people how an emotional person reacts to the surroundings he has, that a broken person who can’t hide things shouts for his inside cries, this is their way on how they deliver ones emotion through a song. Being emotional doesn’t mean to be hurt physically; it is the matter of showing your love to a person even that person will not return the love you had given him.