What is Emphysema

When you are on the road or in the crowded streets, have you ever wondered how much polluted air you are breathing in? You may be in a hurry and not think much about it. What about when you are casually smoking a cigarette? You would not think then as well as it may be your habit. But the truth is that such an intense exposure to emissions and also cigarette smoke can actually be devastating. The smoke will go into your lungs and ruin the normal functioning of the crucial organs. When this happens, one may feel discomfort or some serious trouble in normal breathing. Such a grave problem is generally explained as emphysema. Let’s know more about it.

What are the causes of emphysema? I have already mentioned that smoking and air pollution are some of them. But how does the disease actually take hold of one’s normal respiration process? It begins when the person breathes in the polluted air into the lungs. The air passes on to the alveolar, which denotes the air sacs. With a growing intake of the polluted air, the part around the air sacs known as alveolar septum begins to be disintegrated. This leaves open spaces around the alveolar. So, the normal breathing process is disrupted. What happens is that the air may be inhaled as usual. But there will be trouble in exhaling or breathing out the air from the lungs.

What are the general symptoms of the problem of emphysema? The difficulty in normal respiration is the main consequence of the problem. But let’s try to understand this in full detail. The person will be able to inhale the oxygen but will be unable to exhale out the carbon dioxide. This leads to the usual shortness of breath. The shortness of breath would progress and become more severe with time. The other symptoms would include a reduction in the levels of oxygen in the blood. The hemoglobin levels will also come down steeply. So, the person may experience a lack of oxygen or fresh air in the blood and the organs. The skin may also become bluish due to lack of haemoglobin.

When one is struck by fits of shortness of breath, he or she can do some basic techniques to breathe and exhale carbon dioxide normally. There are some breathing exercises to help the people to exhale the carbon dioxide from the open spaces in the lungs. The main cure for this problem has to be an entire lung transplant. The entire lung can be replaced with a new one, which will function normally in any situation. So, such a surgery will be the only respite from the problem of shortness of breath. The person should look for donors, who would offer healthy lungs. Healthy lungs will be a good way to reverse back the damage caused by the cancers.

When one has got a good pair of lungs, one must try one’s best to maintain the good strength. This can be done by not smoking. People, who are addicted to smoking, are at a great risk of losing the lungs to the problem of emphysema. The people should try to kick the habit of smoking incessantly. This will save them from a lot of distress in the later times.

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