What is Endocarditis

Endocarditis is the condition when inner lining of human heart gets infected. It generally occurs when bacteria that live in our mouth or any other part of our body spread to damage parts of our heart via bloodstream. It is generally caused to people who have damaged hearts like damaged heart valve or artificial heart valve. People who have any other heart defect can also get affected by this problem. It may develop in our body slowly or sometimes it may also occur suddenly.

Symptoms of this problem are many as different people may observe different symptoms. However there are some symptoms which are usually common in most of the sufferers. This includes fever, fatigue, chills, night sweats, paleness, persistent cough, abnormal weight loss, release of blood during urination and welling in some parts of body. Breathing problems like shortness of breath are also a symptom of Endocarditis.

Endocarditis happens when germs enters our body and travels to our heart through bloodstream. Germs can enter our body by many ways out of which most common ways are mentioned here. Everyday oral activities like brushing teeth and chewing food can allow germs to enter body through mouth. Apart from this, some dental procedures also allows germs to enter via mouth without any trouble. It can also come by several infections like gum disease or sexually transmittable diseases. Needles that are used for tattooing our body can also be a medium for the germs to enter human body.

Endocarditis can be treated by various methods so it is not a matter of trouble. But this doesn’t means that one should be totally free of the risk and avoid that it is existing in our body because this will make the treatment difficult and condition will become worse. One should go for the treatment as soon as the doctor detects it because heart is one of the most important organs so you can’t afford to take any risk. Antibiotics are the best and most used way for the treatment of this condition. Doctors prescribe the patient to go for some physical examinations and tests so that they can know which microorganism has affected their heart. This helps them to decide and give the best antibiotic for that particular microorganism. You need to take this antibiotic for 3-4 weeks and by that time infection is cleared up. After this time, the patient is generally discharged from the hospital but he needs to take daily dosage and visit doctor regularly until he prescribes anything else. Apart from normal treatment, surgery is required to be carried out when heart valve is damaged by the infection.