What is Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a disease specifically found in women. It is a very common disease and millions of women have been diagnosed suffering from Endometriosis so far. Though the problem is so common in women but it carries horrifying factors along with it. First of all let have an overview on what actually Endometriosis is? Biologically Endometriosis is an abnormal growth of endometrium tissues. Endometrium tissues are found along the reproductive organ of women body called uterus. When these tissues abnormally grow to the outside of uterus covering other non reproductive organs, the situation is termed as Endometriosis. Since yet Endometriosis is non curable however it is treatable to some extent. Let us start with the self diagnosis of Endometriosis and then we shall discuss its treatments.

Though there are no age specifications for Endometriosis, women in the age bracket of 20 to 30 are more exposed to the risk. The disease has no known consequences of its origination and can attack at any stage of life like before child birth or after child birth. The diagnosis of Endometriosis is very difficult and complicated and thus is more dependent on the study of its related symptoms. Some of the symptoms are stated below which need proper consideration before they can be marked out as Endometriosis:

  • Endometriosis causes severe pain in all cases especially the pelvic pain.
  • Endometriosis pain catches high intensity after sex and after menstrual cycle.
  • Spotting during period days is also a minor symptom.
  • Drastic increase in blood flow during periods is a signal of Endometriosis
  • Unusual back pain and pelvic pain in other days of the month shall be noticed
  • Blood spotting on non menstrual days are the major signals of Endometriosis
  • Blood in urine and disturbed period cycle are among the symptoms of Endometriosis

 If you can identify any or more than one of these symptoms in your routine, you need to consult a family physician or better a gynecologist to get to the root causes of the problem. Such symptoms may even signal to other problem especially hormonal problems in women however such problems shall not be ignored. Doctors usually rely on the study of such symptoms to diagnose Endometriosis before committing acute tests like laparoscopy and biopsy. These treatments are used to finally identify the cause or most of the times to relief the pain and disease. Laparoscopy is known treatment of Endometriosis in which doctors’ burn out most of the endometrial tissues to relive pain and to restore the functioning of productive organ.

The early diagnosis of Endometriosis can ease up its treatment as well. Most of the time the problem is treated with hormonal treatments or through medications. Birth control is usually advised during Endometriosis treatment however it is possible to conceive during Endometriosis with the advice of the doctor. If however none of the treatment works, final surgery may be advised by doctors to control the after and severe consequences of uncontrolled Endometriosis which may lead to infertility, cysts or cancer. Surgery can put a full stop to Endometriosis but may demand several months of recovery.

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