What Is Epidemiology

Epidemiology refers to the study of the pattern of the health events, characteristics and the determinants in a particular population. In simpler words it is the study that makes the researchers research about the general health standing of the people in the population. They follow a particular disease and find out the reasons of the outbreak.

This would generally happen when a new kind of disease is known. Then the people involved in this field will find out the causes of the disease, the spread and the possibility of the disease spreading further. They check on the location in which it has been spreading. They also do study on how it can be controlled or stopped from increasing or from spreading.

The field of epidemiology also includes making the people aware of the disease and spreading awareness. They can in general also tell the public or the population about their health issues. The study of epidemiology includes many things starting from the current scenario to the future scenario that can be reached. It needs to be communicated in the right way.

The study of epidemiology is done by high professionals have years of experience. Their qualifications are high. They can be MD’s or PhD’s or both. There are various tools that these researchers have to use to do all their studies. These will include biological data, biostatistics, research as well as teaching.

The process of their research is huge and complicated. Many observations, experiments, analysis and inferences have to be made. Still there can be no guarantee about the success or the truth of the outcome of the epidemiology. The search of epidemiology can be carried out by various people simultaneously.

Each outcome need not be the same as the other outcome. There can be differences in the conclusions. The process has to have a huge backing as the funds required are very high. It is generally carried out by the government or some non government organization that aims at the health of the public in general.

These are the groups that can fund the huge researches and the highly paid researchers along with their equipments and the tools that they need to use. Epidemiology is a boon to mankind. It not only helps the people understand the diseases but also keeps them aware of the diseases.

Epidemiology is the study that involves the study of the health characteristics of the population. It will study the health related determinants and the causes of a particular disease. It is also in their field to spread awareness about the disease and find out ways to overcome the disease.