What is Epilepsy

The other name of this disorder is called seizure disorder.  Some people will have habits of drinking and smoking etc.  They wish to discontinue such habits all of a sudden due to any reason.  At that time, they may face the medical condition or seizure disorder.  Low blood sugar levels may also cause such situation.  This can be simply explained as one problem when ending another.  This can be an injury to the brain or a type of family tendency but the exact causes will not be clear and known.  The severity of the epilepsy will also vary from person to person and it totally depends on the person’s seizure.  The term seizure has wider meaning that it can be explained as sudden surge of activities in the brain’s regular activities.  They are not the exact type of diseases.  They can be controlled but takes long time that curing a disease or so.

Some types of disorders can be identified easily and can be treated easily.  Some are noticed hardly and some will be totally neglecting.  Seizure can be simply defined as severity of the person’s brain damage. Many people are in a notion that they have Epilepsy.  Some people will have one seizure and that may lead to another just in a short span of time like six months etc., thus slowly it leads to the brain’s abnormality.  If the seizure is one, there may be chances of recovery.  But the seizures may occur very often and the chances are more to have an injury to the brain or the infections or abnormalities to the brain.  Then the condition of epilepsy follows in that situation.

To determine whether the condition worsened to epilepsy, physician will perform many neurological examinations and many set of tests to know and understand the functioning of the nervous system at the doctors’ campus.  EEG is a test to be performed for the confirmation of Epilepsy.  EEG means electroencephalogram.  The test mainly connected to your scalp and there exists recording of brain waves in the brain.  Some are typical in their functionality.  If your brain could show same patterns for two times, then it can be predicted as epilepsy.  The patterns will show the possibility of epilepsy.  

The term seizure can be defined as sudden change of behavior that shall be mainly due to the change in electrical functioning of the brain and nervous system.  Particularly cortex will have influence of seizure and that can be turned to epilepsy.  Unlike other diseases the symptoms are somewhat different.  You cannot confirm that the symptoms will be alike for all the people suffering with epilepsy.  There won’t be any warning before the condition turning to epilepsy.  The seizures are classified in to three types.  According to their prediction, they are termed as beginning, middle and the end.

General symptoms are smell, sound, taste, loss of visual or eyesight, stomach feelings, strange feelings, fear, pleasant feeling, head ache, dizziness, nausea, numbness and light headedness etc.  These symptoms enter in to the body without any warning or with warnings.  Any type of people can get epilepsy and there are no hard and soft rules for its entry. Mostly in children during the first year, one can observe. But changes will happen when they grow and reach ten full years.  The other timing is at the age of 55 to 60.  People even develop strokes, brain tumors or disorders particularly to the brain.