What Is Epistaxis

Variety of diseases are there that could affect the normal human life and one of the ailments that is related to nose puncture is called epistaxis. It happens for the nose to bleed for the affected individuals. Sometimes there could arise a situation where the bleeding could be through the eye opening as well. Such conditions are not fatal though. It could be treated in a short span of time and it won’t lead to the death in the individuals under majority of the circumstances. One should keep in mind of the fact that the oozed out blood has all the chance to be swallowed and enter into the stomach, in which case, it could cause nausea and the individual could feel it to be very bad to throw up and become more tired. Both the fresh blood as well as the clotted blood could ooze out from the nostril openings at some times.

Systemic factors could be the causes for the nose bleed in some of the cases. While there are also local factors that could also lead to the nose bleed. The conditions are stated to be epitasis under both the circumstances. Apart from the above mentioned broad classification of the ailment, there are cases where the cause for the nosebleed could not be identified at all under majority of the circumstances. Nasal fracture that happens due to accidents or a sharp blow or punch on the face during a boxing competition might all be causes that could be classified under the local factors. There are chances of foreign bodies to disrupt the normal functioning of the nostril passages; it could happen during nose picking activities. Other than the above mentioned, there are chances for inflammatory reaction. It could be referred to respiratory tract allergies in some individuals. In some other cases, it could be the sinusitis, while there are majority of cases witnessed with the allergy in the rhinitis as well. Apart from all of the above, the environmental irritants could also be a contributor at times.

Anatomical deformities could also be reasons in some of the cases. Tumor or cancer in the intranasal passage could be a contributor to the ailment. The nasal sprays that are used for free breathing could cause the adverse effect in the individuals too. The nasal steroids that are used for a prolonged period and the improper usage of the same, could lead to such problems. Similar situations might arise while aircraft landing in some individuals. Similarly while taking part in the scuba diving one could experience such problems. Other surgeries might cause a side effect of this kind too.

Systemic factors include allergies and inflammations that are caused for a variety of reasons. Alcohols could a factor due to vasodilatation. Aspirin could cause the issue as well.  Deficiency in the vitamins such as C and K could lead to the problem. Also the hypertension created due to the hormonal changes that tend to occur during pregnancy might be a contributor at times. Vicarious menstruation could be a potential cause at times too.