What Is Ethical Hacking

An Ethical Hacker is actually good and is extremely intelligent who can help the organizations, government or companies by using his or her knowledge in a constructive manner to secure important information which may be in the form of documents or some sensitive information on the internet. An Ethical hacker is also called a computer and network expert who secures the system from malicious activities on a network as well as on computer. They don’t misuse their knowledge and use this knowledge in a purposeful way. This whole process of securing information by the help of Ethical Hackers is called Ethical Hacking.

Ethical hacking is also called penetration testing or intrusion testing as well. Since the security of a computer system depends on a number of basic elements. If any of these elements gets affected, the security gets exploited. These elements are:

Confidentiality – The information send by the sender to receiver must not be breached i.e. must remain confidential only. Authenticity – The information received by the receiver should be identified and assured of the origin of information. Integrity – The data or resources should be prevented from improper and unauthorized changes. Availability – The desired information or resources should be used.

Ethical Hacking prevents all the above elements to get exploited from any kind of malicious attacks.

There are many of ways by which the hacker can gain access to the system. The hacker can perform a number of malicious activities which includes spreading of viruses, worms, Trojan horse, some sort of spyware or adware and many others just to exploit the security and gain access over that system. The hackers are also classified by different terms and the Ethical Hackers are also called White Hats. White Hats are the ones with hacker skills but are using them in a peaceful and effective manner for any organization or a company for defensive purposes. These types of hackers are also known as Security Analysts and the opposite of Ethical Hackers i.e. can be the crackers, are termed as Black Hats.

So basically an Ethical Hacker is the person who is a computer expert and at the same time he or she is responsible for securing the systems and working of networking systems as well. The main aim of the hackers is just to gain access to the company’s assets i.e. the information which is valuable to the company, and this is only prevented with the help of Ethical Hacking.