What Is Euphoria

Do you like to be happy and joyous? If you do, you would love to surround yourself with good thoughts, friends and pleasurable experiences and feelings. Sometimes, you may try your best but end up being frustrated and even confused with what is going on with your life. But it may also be that all of a sudden, you will find some good things happening in your life. Then, you would feel suddenly elated beyond measure. The feeling, that would accompany you in such a time, is commonly known as euphoria. You should know more about the euphoria and how you can bring it in your usual life without really trying hard to be happy and smiling.

When does one become euphoric? There are a number of reasons, why one would feel elated beyond measure. However, the psychologists and psychoanalysts have confirmed that contentment and satisfaction are the real reasons. When one feels contented with the current situation or with any new event, he or she feels happy and comfortable to the extent of being elated. This feeling can be classified as one of the main feelings of the usual euphoria. One can also feel contented when some difficult or tedious task is solved. In this way, the euphoria is something that will make you happy and eliminate all your worries and troubles without any further tension.

Certain specific physical actions and exercises can also help the make the individual feel really elated and spirited. Remember Mowgli from The Jungle Book. The frenetic runs would give him a feel of euphoria and thrilling excitement. So, it has been found out that people do feel happy and euphoric with running, parkour and other such thrilling exercises and sports. It has also been evidenced that sexual satisfaction or orgasm can also create an euphoric feeling for the partners in intercourse. So, we can see how exercises and even sexual orgasm can help a person feel elated incredibly. Thus, elation will accompany even the usually physically and mentally exhausting activities and tasks.

Yet, at times, the elation and euphoria can come at a hefty price. There are many who are addicted or heavily dependent on harmful substances like cigarettes and alcohol. Some are also addicted to narcotic drugs  and medicines. Such people experience an extraordinary feeling of happiness, joy and a sense of elation. However, they are experiencing this feeling at the price of their health and well-being. Moreover, the people with bipolar disorder would feel an adverse effect of the elation. So, they may feel depressed or even manic in their behavior. So, bipolar people will not feel any positive feelings even in the most situations of heartfelt elation.

But euphoria can be created even on your own. One does not need always good news or any other optmistic event to be happy and joyous. One can learn to be elated and optimistic even in the most trying times if life. This can be achieved by being content and fully satisfied with what you have and what luck brings you. If you manage to be like this, euphoria can come easy.