What Is Euthanasia

Euthanasia is also called as mercy killing or assisted suicide which means to end the life of the patient when he is suffering from severe pain or there is not any cure for his pain. It gives him relief from his incurable health condition. The word is derived from a Greek word euthanatos which means easy death. The decision of giving easy death to the patient is decided by the patient himself but in some cases it is decided by the relatives, doctors and even by the courts. Easy death or mercy killing is done with the help of the drugs that helps in executing easy death.  Euthanasia is banned in UK. It is treated as illegal to kill a person in UK. There are 2 main classifications of Euthanasia:

  • Voluntary Euthanasia: this is executed with the consent of the patient.
  • Involuntary Euthanasia: this is not executed with the consent of the patient. Another person decides for him when he/she feels that the person is not able to do anything on his/her own.

There are 2 procedural classifications too which are:

  • Passive Euthanasia: passive euthanasia is when lethal substances are not used to end the life of the patient. Rather, the patient is killed indirectly like not giving him food or water or giving him overdosed of the medicines which will help him in reducing the pain but its overdose can be toxic for his health.
  • Active Euthanasia: this type of euthanasia is when lethal substances are used to end the life of the person to relieve him from the pain and the suffering. It may be conducted by the patient or someone else too.

Euthanasia is an issue of debate as abortion is also a sort of euthanasia. When doctors take oath that they would not give any harmful drugs to anyone, it also includes abortion in it. That is why; there is a lot of debate going on whether abortion is legal or illegal. Euthanasia raises many other question too like is it right to kill someone, what circumstances are right to let the person die and what is the difference between killing a person intentionally and letting a person to die. The argument of Doctrine of Double Effect says that if the doctor let the patient to die, then his intention was not to kill the person but to relieve the pain he was suffering from. People who get badly injured and lose their independence as in they are not able to do anything on their own can ask for mercy killing.

Conclusion: Euthanasia a gentle and good medical practice only if it is carried out properly and is not misused by the doctors and other people. But debate is going on whether it is legal to give easy death to the patient or not in order to give him relief from the pain.