What is Existential Therapy

Many people face stress, fear, mental illness or disability. So, to help these people and bring them to normal or peaceful state existential therapy is used by psychologists. In this therapy psychological treatment is given to the people to make them realize that everything erroneous in their life is due to their own conducts and only their own hard work can make positive change in their life. This therapy also looks at issues such as love, death, the meaning of life, apprehension between freedom and responsibility, the creation of an identity and establishment of meaningful relationship.

Behavior modification technique is also used in which rewards or punishments can be given to change the negative view point. A patient can be encouraged to change his actions to avoid obnoxious results.

th and 20thcentury like Soren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche and Gabriel Marcer. These men believe that fate or destiny are not pragmatic, humans are own conscientious for their present and future. It is thoughts, feelings, and behavior of a person that can make or break him. So, people can change their thoughts and feelings to get positive results.

Expert psychologist who practice existential therapy can help:-

To get out of personal struggles, mental illness and even physical ailments. They can help to overcome addictions, marital problems and general stress. They can help the client to live more authentically without any concern. Help the people to take responsibility of their actions. Help the people in realizing their goals of life. Help the clients uncover their own beliefs’ and values, separating these convictions from what has been imposed on them by society , culture. To give awareness of death. Death is not viewed in a negative manner rather it is a way of giving significance to life and to take full advantage of life.

Psychotherapists’ stress on patient’s past to solve problems but existential therapist put more emphasis on the patient’s present state and his future goals.

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