What Is Express Mail

Generally when the post is sent it takes a little while to reach its destination. But if there is urgency and the post has to be sent earlier then the express mail can be used. Express mail is the service of the postal department which will make the post reach in two days. This is the guarantee they give. The user has to pay some extra surcharge for that service.

This facility was initially only available domestically. Within a country the transfer is possible in two days but not internationally. But express mail is available internationally also now which connects almost all the leading countries of the world. These countries have to be a member of the universal postal union to be able to use the express mail facility.

The universal postal union was created by the united nations to harmonize and develop the postal systems of the countries worldwide and ensure that the services are used world wide. There is an independent auditor who monitors the performance of each country’s express mail on a yearly basis. Based on the auditors report the countries are awarded the gold, silver and bronze certificates. This will ensure that all the countries give I their best to maintain the level of their express mails.

The success of the express mail can be seen from the fact that the companies offer a money back guarantee if the delivery is not done within two days. These companies will show the evidence of the delivery to the person issuing the post. In the modern day express mail USA is the best leader who live up to the expectations of the customers. The express mail companies are extremely dedicated. They work on weekends and on federal holidays as well.

There are over 169 countries who have already joined the cooperative. This shows that the people around the world had been looking for an opportunity this type that would make their work easier and give them something they can rely on. The express mail service gave them just that. The potential in future is very high.

In the world of globalization the concept of express mail has proved to be a boon for the companies as well as the individuals. People these days have work and business related documents to be sent overseas over night. There are various people who live in one country and have relatives and families in another country. For such people the express mail is a very useful thing. There would be no more issues of documents being lost in the transit which used to happen a lot in the earlier days.