What is Eye Cream

Eye cream is a specifically formulated product for the eyes to mitigate any kind of harm done by weather conditions or any stress or lack of sleep conditions. Eye creams helps people keeping eyes younger looking and helps towards accentuating their beauty. In most circumstances, people get dark circles due to stress and lack of rest and sleep, use of this cream around eyes including under eye and below eyebrow area can give marvelous result as it works to reduce wrinkles around eyes and works as anti-aging agent.

One of the reasons that eye creams are preferred to be used around eyes than any usual moisturizers is because skin around the eye area is more delicate and prone to show aging spots, freckles, dark circles and quite often very first fine line or wrinkle come into view around the eyes. Eye lotion protects the area and keep it hydrated. Some eye creams contain SPF 15 are made for people who are working toward reducing the effects of sun and freckles around eyes. Some eye lotions in the market contain concealing products and can be used by men and women to cover dark circles and match them with the rest of the skin color so dark circles become no longer noticeable.

An eye cream has been tested by ophthalmologists as safe and emollient for eye area. As compared to another moisturizers in the market can be harsh on your skin as eye area is often delicate than rest of your face. On other hand, eye creams matches the PH level of your tears. Eye creams do not contain any fragrance like in daily moisturizers. There are two types of eye creams available in the market: Night eye cream and day eye cream. Day creams are formulated to reduce the puffiness and dark circles and enhancing the appearance of eyes during the day. Night creams on other hand tends toward repairing and preventing any further damage to the eyes. The main ingredients night eye creams contains: Alpha hydroxy acid and oretinol.

Be careful choosing an eye cream, look for darkness reducing ingredient and effectiveness of the firming ingredient. Some of the firming in ingredients are caffeine, retinol, alcohol, alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C. vitamin c often works under eyes for collagen growth and make it full of youthfulness. Common skin tightening ingredients are: kojic acid, and hydroquinone and Vitamin K. Kojic acid and hydroquinone contain skin lightening ingredients to reduce age spots and works as bleaching agent.

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