What is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrows are the most important attribute on face. It increases your facial vigilance. Now-a-days each and every girl is very cautious about the shape of her eyebrows, as it gives an elegant look on her facial terminology.

Threading is prehistoric procedure of shaping eyebrows. “Seeing is believing”, threading is one such mechanism. Threading is an inherited skill. Unlike tailors design and furnish typical outfit to clothing or textile; beauticians also use the skill of eyebrow threading to throw most elegant and flashy look on face.

Things required accomplishing eyebrow threading:

  • Cotton thread
  • Small scissors and eyebrow comb to trim the final outlook.

Threading Methodology:

One end of the thread is entered in the mouth is twisted around. It takes a line at a time. If you want you can take one hair at a time for preciseness. Threading is not restricted only for eyebrows, but this technique can be used to remove any unwanted facial hair. It removes hair from its root.

Threading Vs. Waxing

It is proved that hair does not grow any thicker. But it will grow faster than waxing.

A normal eyebrow threading takes two to three minutes while Waxing is proved to be an unsafe method by Dermatologists’ for sensitive skin. Threading remains as option, which plays safe over skin.

Eyebrow threading is proved to be wrinkle free whereas in waxing, it tends to develop wrinkles on the skin as the skin is also pulled in order to remove hairs from face.

 At times, a few sensitive skinned women are prone to develop some rashes when they experience threading. Then some soothing creams like cold creams can be applied to avoid burning sensation

Threading is the most economic way of eradicating unwanted facial hair with additional glossy and sharper outlook than waxing. Shape of the eyebrow from threading can be outlined according to one’s facial appearance and texture.

Threading was initiated by Arabians, Indians and Persians and now gained fame all over the world for being known for quality and price. The application of threading in the United States has slowly but surely become more dominant and willingly approached.

Certainly accessibility of threading salons in U.S is quite tough. One of the few drawbacks to threading is its availability. Recognition of eyebrow threading in U.S in the past couple of years is good. But then the major drawback is the availability of specialists in salons.

Training of threading does not come as a package of being an Aesthetic/Beautician. But an access to local Indian beauticians is always a best option to pick up.

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