What is Face Scrub

Face scrub is a dense substance that absolutely cleanses skin on face. In this exfoliation process, it eradicates all the unwanted dead, old or worn out cells and presents you a younger looking healthy skin.  Our facial skin undergoes regular damage and that is where scrub takes off dead skin resulting glow on face. Scrubs work manually to remove dead skin, where as peels remove dead cells with the help of lactic or juicy acids.

Frequency to use scrub:

Regular massage with scrub is favourable, however “Too much of anything is bad” and this is pertinent to our skin as well. Scrubbing to a greater extent can harm our oil glands keeping it very active and forms pores on face. Once in two weeks is advisable.

Suitability of scrub varies with skin types:

  • Dry Skin: People with dry skin should go for scrubs with moisturisers.
  • Sensitive or tricky skin: Sensitive skin people should use scrubs with calamine lotion that acts as antipruritic, hence protects skin from itching or any tricky irritation issues with skin.
  • Combination skin types: Combination skin types are suggested to use scrub that has almond and honey as its ingredients.
  • Normal Skin: Blessed are the people with normal skin type, they go with all kinds of face scrubs.

Facial scrubs made of soft tough intended to clear dead and dying skin when it is mildly massaged on face. Massage should be done in upward circular movement, very gently. Once you finish scrub, wash face and apply moisturiser. Traditional and ayurvedic scrubs can be seen around is can be used as an exfoliant in face scrub such as bamboo fibres, ground nut shell, oatmeal, sugar, fruit pulp, egg white, honey, almonds and many others.

Price of course is a criteria whenever you have to pick something best. Hence deciding the greatest face scrub depends on your funds. It is found in all stationary stores, super markets, and cosmetic shops. But you are always left with a choice of preparing natural scrub at home.

Here I list out some of the home made scrubs:

  1. Baking soda – smoothens your skin
  2. Strawberry with brown sugar – gives soft and caring skin.
  3. Oatmeal – gives you glowing skin
  4. Sugar scrub – Brown sugar and almond oil
  5. Salt scrub-Mix salt and honey

Precaution to be taken when you choose face scrub: Choose face scrub based on your skin type.

How to apply face scrub:

Tie your hairs. Cleanse hands thoroughly. Take hot water inhalation that opens pores on your face. Take little scrub and add little bit of water to give little bit of slip and gently massage over the entire face. Do it with your finger tips without being too rough on the face. As it is product or the scrub itself will have exfoliate and you have to just move the product along. Keep adding water as and when you skin absorbs the product or you feel it is dry. Make sure you will give a lot of slip while using scrub on face without leaving any irritation on the skin surface. As nose is our filter, dead cells or dust is prone to be collected more in that area. So give a little extra massage on the crevices on nose. Scrub it for about a minute or so. Wash face with lukewarm water. Use soft tower and tap gently till it absorbs all water on face. Apply some moisturiser or toner depending on the skin type.

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