What is Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website through which you can connect with the friends and relatives. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and originally it was called as The Facebook. It first became a big hit on the campus and then within few months, it gained popularity among other colleges too and became a big social networking website. In 2005, it was opened for high schools and the name “The Facebook” was also change to “Facebook”. The domain was purchased for $200,000 US dollars. At that time it was only available to the schools, universities and organizations but then in 2006, it was open to everyone and included anyone and everyone. Anyone or everyone can join it. As it was gaining much popularity day by day, Mark Zuckerberg enlisted two other students to assist him, Duston Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. In 2007, facebook launched the platform where developers can create the applications for facebook.

These applications provided the facility to people to interact with their friends and it also provided them with the facility to play games on the facebook. The features of facebook profile include the facebook profile where you can upload your photo and you can also share photo albums with your friends. It also supports online chat system. You can chat with your connections that are online. Facebook also supports the service of making groups and fan pages. Facebook can be used as a universal authentication service. You can set the privacy settings for your profile as to whom it is visible and to who it is not and to what extent. It also supports a feature of wall that is place where you and your friends can write messages for you.

You can search people by specifying their name, school, college or university name and email id too. It has also provided the facility of uploading the photos or videos from a phone. There are many applications which are available on the facebook which can be added to your profile according to your own interests. You can also send personal messages to the people if you do not want it to be viewed by everyone on the facebook. Every day, facebook is coming with a new feature and is gaining popularity among the people around the world. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the facebook will soon support the facility for video calling through skype. But you should be careful enough on the facebook while giving any kind of information. Avoid giving any kind of critical or personal information there in order to avoid the chance of being used it in a wrong way or against you.

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