What is Family Planning

Family planning means to have only the number of children we want and only when we want them. Couples can plan when to have intercourse and if it should result in pregnancy or not. This comes under family planning. During each menstrual cycle, one of the ovaries of women releases an egg. This is called ovulation. The egg moves to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. An unfertilized egg can live up to 12 hours. A woman usually gets pregnant during ovulation period if sexual intercourse takes place just before or after their ovulation period. By keeping track of all this, a couple can decide on what they want. Considering the population explosion, family planning is very important these days. Inflation is rising, resources needed to live are getting scarce and we need to utilize the available resources optimally.

The advantage of family planning is that you need not to adopt other family planning tools like women sterilization, abortion and other methods used to terminate pregnancy. Restricting the family size will help you to bring your children up in a good way. You will be able to provide them with better education and other vital things. For family planning, you should adopt safe sex. Proper precautions should be taken to avoid pregnancy. There are various male contraception methods which can be used in order to avoid the risk of pregnancy like using condoms, outercourse or avoiding vaginal intercourse, vasectomy (removing the tubes carrying sperm), withdrawal method and spermicide. Women contraception methods include taking birth control pills in between 72 hours after having sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy, female condom, birth control vaginal ring, birth control sponge, sterilization i.e. blocking the fallopian tubes, IUD, cervical cap etc.

Any one method of all these will help in avoiding the risk of being pregnant. Some natural methods which can be used to avoid this risk can be safe period method and total abstinence etc. the decision as to which method should be adopted depends upon health and the need. You should consider the pros and cons of each and every method and use that method. Many family planning clinics also provide help to the people in rural areas for family planning and also provide counseling related to the sexual relationships which help them to understand the consequences of having large number of children. Family planning in today’s age has become essential and it assures the good health of women, baby and in turn the whole family.

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