What is Fascial Release

Fascial release is a massage therapy which basically focuses on fascia. Fascia is strong connective tissue which is helpful in supporting our body. It is a strapping layer of tissues between the skin and muscles below it. It is helpful in dealing with pain, tension and strain. If the body work is done which mainly focus on fascia we can sooth our tissue pain and can augment the free movement of our body.

This massage therapy is a part of soft tissue therapy in which pain, injury and strain in the soft tissues of the body are released. Fascial release focus on the comfort of entire body. This massage therapy can be associated with sports massage, deep tissue massage and the major benefits of fascial release is that people can perform it on their own they need not to depend on any doctor, therapist but training is required to perform it properly.

As fascia is responsible for supporting our body so it should be relaxed the causes that are responsible for creating tension in the fascia should be avoided. The reasons behind stress of fascia are:-

Poor posture Any injury Over-exercise Poor diet

The area of the body which is affected is very hard and when that area is identified by doctor therapist he can apply various technologies to soft it. When therapist uses direct fascial release, they find the cause of tension in the fascia and then gently apply pressure to that area so that fascia can release. The area can also be pressed indirectly by applying pressure around the problem area.

The time when fascial release is very intense and situation can be painful also. But if therapist performs his task in a very calm, slowly and in gentle manner then pain can be reduced.

When this therapy is started then fascial release is done by addressing the problem area indirectly but when patient get use to this pressure then direct technique can be applied. During the therapy if patient feels that something is causing mammoth pain or somewhat hurts a lot then he should speak up and communicate with his therapist. Because hurting can be dangerous also. It can make the condition worse also.

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