What is FEMA

Nature is the biggest and strongest of all the man made powers in the world. If it comes to own, not nay power in the whole can save anything from being destructed. All natural disaster of past times is the best example of this. You experienced and saw many havoc of nature in the form of these disasters like floods, tsunamis, droughts, volcanic eruption, typhoons and many more others. An agency deals with the victims of natural disasters.

FEMA deals with all the cases of natural disaster all over the world. It is the short name or can say acronym of federal emergency management agency. It has been integrated into Homeland Security Department. It is working very effectively to provide all the necessities to the victims with the motto “A nation prepared”. It is incorporated to solve out all the needs of affective person in America due to any kind of natural disasters as well as men made too. It comes with assurance that America is completely able for preparation, response and prevention. It is not nay new agency. However, it came into light in few recent years. FEMA was initiated with more attention in year 2011 on 11 September after the attack of terrorists on Pentagon and New York. Along with many emergency organizations for management, FEMA have been in use for several years, but on one side, there are so many other government agencies that is simply able to solve out cases like this. 

United States of America’s former President Jimmy Carter issued an administrative order in year 1979 to make new federal emergency management agency or FEMA. It was created to look over all kinds of emergencies with other emergency organizations of management. It also includes civil defense, the federal insurance administration, the federal disaster assistance administration, the national weather service community and the federal insurance administration.

In year 2003, federal emergency management agency including 22 departments of homeland security or DHS took up several governing agencies. FEMA is the most important part of DHS. It is working with two thousand full time staff and five thousand reserve employees. From the year of establishment until today, billion trillions of dollars and amount have been used in several programs of FEMA. It has been ready from the day if inception to complete the requirements of people at the time of need like disasters. FEMA is well known for preparedness, recovery and response.

There are no agencies, which prevent disasters at the time of their occurrence. All of them were just help out the victims in their needs and necessities. FEMA is also doing the same thing in effective manner. It is truly a social and human act.