What is Fever Grass

Fever grass is also known as lemon grass. At some places it is used for resurgence from a fever but most usually it is used as a refreshing tea. This plant grows in subtropical and tropical climates and it is widely found in rural parts of Jamaica. Other common names of this grass are barbed wire grass, citronella, silky grass and gavati chaha. Fever grass is of about 4 feet in width and 6 feet in height. Its leaves are of blade shape and they are in green color. This grass needs moist soil, bright sun for its growth. In winter there can be damage to its leaves. It can be grown in any tub, container.

This grass is also cultivated in India under the name lemongrass. It is used in dried as well as in powdered form but its fresh leaves can also be used in cooking.

In 2006, a research was done on fever grass which concluded that this grass is very beneficial to fight cancer. Fever grass is mostly used for:-

Relieving cold, fever and cough. It is use to treat athlete’s foot, asthma, and bladder disorders. It is useful against menstrual disorders, nausea. It relieves from headache. It can be used as an insect repeller. It is helpful in curing vomiting, diarrhea. Helpful in treating colic, catarrh, gastric irritability. It can also help in improving the skin by reducing acne and pimples and it act as a muscle and tissue tonner. By boiling the lemon grass leaves and then drinking it after sometime can help in reducing blood pressure.

Some people believe that fever grass can be useful against effects of menopause. This grass is supportive in plummeting hot flashes and can help in reducing the symptoms of menopause.

The oil obtained from fever grass has antiseptic properties that’s why it is used in many disinfectant soaps.

The oils extracted from lemon grass are also used to add essence to foods and beverages. If these oils are taken in excessive amount orally then it can be dangerous to our life. Pregnant women should not take these oils. Although these oils are non-poisonous still they can cause some allergic reactions. So, to use fever grass guidance of expert healthcare provider is mandatory.

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