What Is FG Syndrome

FG syndrome is a condition that is found in people, normally due to the non-functioning or malfunctioning of the X chromosome in the body. Most of the times, the foundation of the disease is laid inside the womb itself. As time passes, from birth to the latter stages of lives, the effects of the malfunctioning starts showing up.

Even if you would know only little biology, you would know the fact that the X chromosome is present in all of the human beings who are living on the planet. To make things simple, females have XX chromosome while males have XY chromosome, whit the fact remaining that both of the living sexes have X chromosome. This is the reason that FG syndrome is seen in both males and females. As a matter of fact, as per the records, males have a little high percentage of affinity of the disease when compared to their female counter parts.

Two things are mainly noticed in these patients, physical deformities and underdeveloped brains. Talking about physical deformities, there are lot many of them, which are found right from the head, till the tip of the toe. Some of the patients have facial deformities. For example few patients have their mouth open always, while others have problem keeping their neck straight. Some of them have thin and loose skin, while others have uneven teeth. Some have twisted hands, while others are found to have twisted feet. These are a few of the physical deformities that are seen in the patients.

Talking about the mental issues, there are lot many of them too. Some show hyperactivity while others show no activity at all. Most of the mentally affected patients have trouble remembering things, names and places and other natural things. Some also show autistic behaviour. Mental retardation is recorded in all of the patients. One more thing that is noticed is the presence of an abnormally large sized brain.

As said earlier, the condition does not have any treatment of its own, considering the fact that if one needs to come out with a possible treatment plan or a technique, it would have to be applied at the level of the chromosomes. Still, research work is still being carried out in all of the nations of the world, so as to make sure that something credible and concrete comes up.

As per few facts, there are thousands of patients who are suffering from FG syndrome, who have reached a full stop in their lives. Given the fact that nothing serious and working can be done in their lives, it is the duty of us, as responsible citizens to spread love and light in their lives, by whatever means possible. Compassion can never be enough.