What is Fibrosis

When tissues become hard because of scar like structures and they stop the easy flow of the fluids, then the condition is called fibrosis. A person is said to be suffering from fibrotic conditions because of many reasons. Radiation is one such reason, while the other reasons include chemotherapy, wrong lymphedema treatment and burns. Take a detailed look on how fibrosis develops.

How Fibrosis Forms

If lymphedema is in the early stages, swelling of tissues take place with lymph of protein that cannot properly drain. If you touch these tissues, you will feel soft and once you apply some pressure, the area leaves an indentation that does not get filled immediately. This is a type of Lymphedema, which is also known as pitting edema. It is essential to treat the lymphedema at this stage or else it will gradually cause fibrosis within those tissues with the progression of the disease to the next stages.

  • With the gradual development of fibrosis, structures like scars can be noticed as the normal tissues get replaced into such structures and causes blockages, which make the drainage of the lymph harder.
  • It is not necessary that the fibrosis will occur in tissues that are highly swollen even the moderately swollen tissues can also cause the problem. Therefore, you cannot always detect that the condition that you are suffering from is fibrosis only because you are having severe swelling.
  • As proper drainage of the lymph gets blocked, the molecules of protein get assembled in the tissues, which gives rise to more fibrosis and the chances of infections increased to a great extent.
  • If you do not find the tissues soft or flexible, then it can be fibrosis.
  • With the rise of such changes, the risk of increase in swelling also increases along with the rise in skin ailments and infections in the tissues.

What Are The Possible Difficulties OF Fibrosis

Tissues normally bring vital nutrients to the cells by their fluids. When fibrosis occurs, the tissues get damaged and block the fluids to supply the essential nutrients. Because of that, the encircled areas of the cells get filled by the toxic ingredients.

There is a constant danger of increasing chances of infection because the lymph is unable to flow to the nodes and diminish the pathogens. Infections start to develop because of the changes in the tissues. This results in the opening of the wounds that are not properly healed.

What Are The Treatments OF Fibrosis

Experienced lymphedema therapist can be hired to help the patients. These experts are aware of proper massaging skills and usage of appropriate pressure to heal the symptoms properly.

Medicinal treatments are also possible to cure the ailment. Certain antibiotics and other medicines can work properly to make the conditions normal. However, it is important that proper medical practitioner or doctor is consulted to get the right medical help.

It should be remembered that if the condition of fibrosis is detected in the early stages, then it can be treated without many difficulties. Therefore, one should not ignore the symptoms and consult doctor immediately. 

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