What Is Fish Collagen

Since time immemorial human beings have employed the use of many cosmetics to cover up wrinkles either as results of certain disorders or due to aging. Fish collagen is one of the products that is acquired from certain parts of a fish and used as cosmetic to decrease the appearance of age lines defects on the skin commonly referred to as wrinkles. Collagen usually makes up about 30% of the overall human body protein content. This particular protein is often found in human joints enabling them to remain fluid, it’s also found in bones, skins among other places. About 70% of the protein in the skin is made up of collagen, this keeps the skin supple and elastic at all times.

Collagen is very useful to the human body since its also helps in keeping the tendons and joints working flexibly, it also ensures teeth are strong. In the initial years of a person’s life the body has the ability to make and discard old collagen. The bad news is that the body slows down in collagen production after a person attains approximately twenty five years and hence this reduces the collagen content in the body giving rise to signs of aging in the person. These symptoms include fine lines, wrinkles, joint problems and arthritis.

With the advancement of technology it’s possible to resupply the body with supplemental collagen proteins. These are availed as collagen creams, injections and capsules which act to boost the levels of collagen in the body to reduce the signs of aging. Animal collagen has been used for decades in order to replenish the supply of this vital protein to the body. With time it was discovered that the collagen that was derived from animals had led to many complications since it was not very compliant with the human body.

This forced the scientists to begin to look for other alternatives for collagen which carried fewer risks unlike the animal collagen which had too many problems to be used effectively by human beings. Luckily enough they discovered that collagen from fish could be safely used and had less negative effects on human beings unlike the other animal collagen used previously. The discovery found out that marine collagen from fish which is acquired from scales and skin is more palatable alternative to the human collagen. The good news to follow the discovery was that the human body was more accommodative of fish collagen unlike the animal alternatives that had been previously used as replacements for lost human collagen. The fish lives in surroundings that keeps the protein safe and in good condition. Scientists also found out that extracting the product from these marine animals was far easier unlike in previous processes. The easy process ensured that the protein derived from certain fish scales and skin was more wholesome for human use than any other source of collagen.