What is Flaming

Flaming is to attack someone verbally on the internet. It is to send insulting messages in a newsgroup, bulletin board or any other message group. It can include insults, name calling, bigotry etc. Sometimes, Flaming is also called bashing. It often results due to the heated discussion on a topic between people. There are people who are continuous flamer. He is always attacking others for no reason as it has become its habit. This person is called Internet Troll. People can flame others for numerous reasons. One of them is already mentioned that is due to some heated argument on any topic. Other can be if someone is not showing proper etiquettes while talking to the people, he/she can get flamed from other people. If someone is new to any newsgroup or in any message board then he/she can get flamed by the other people just to insult him/her.

Some people are aggressive, rude or short tempered and they easily lose control on themselves and start flaming other people. Flaming can destroy relations. If a person has flamed someone, then they cannot have a constructive discussion among them as it has spoiled the possibility of further discussion. If someone is flaming someone else uselessly and for no reason or just for enjoyment then the person who is getting flamed can complain to the system administrator or even block that person for sending him/her further messages. Flaming can not only spoil the chance of constructive discussion among the people who are involved in the argument, but it also spoils the chance of some important discussion for other people in the message board.

They are also wasting the network resources and the time of the other people. It can also result due to some emotional discussion among the people. Egotism can also causes a person to send insulting messages. The people who think that they are always right and only their opinion is right can also send these kinds of messages when other people do not get convinced from his/her point of view. If someone is flaming you, you should first try to resolve the issue but if the other person is not getting convinced, then you should avoid that person. Some people just try to get attention of the people in a message board by faming them. These people will never be in the mood to resolve the issue. One should always avoid flaming people on the internet. One should always follow proper netiquettes in order to keep the message boards a clean and a healthy place for discussions.

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