What is Flextime

The word flextime, originally known as “Gleitzeit”, a German word means “shift time”. In other words, flextime is an arrangement of liberty provided by employer or government to employees to login and logout time without affecting the total number of hours to be dedicated in a week. This freedom is prearranged for employees to accomplish entrusted job and responsibility. Nevertheless, client focused business that operates in certain time frame might find it difficult to operate in flextime work. But they can be flexible twice a week as employees’ personal work such as bank jobs, clearing electricity bills can be completed without causing congestion.

In this tech savvy fast moving world, everything is life is bound to change. We cannot be consistent to change for such options as employers. The only thing is you need to evaluate is flextime pertinent for the kind of business you are into. Asses if this set up will affect any other departments and other work functions. Analyze measurement mode as it is a key factor for managers to evaluate productivity and performance levels. For example the best evidence for flextime is online shopping. Time is a constraint for everyone in this swift life. People shop everything on online like grocery, clothes, accessories and many other day to day essentials. Then where do those high invested malls stand? However people who still so not trust online shopping and shipping will definitely drop into such malls.

Now-a-days, we hardly notice any joint families. Eventually every family member in the house finds a need to work may be for financial stability, to build career, kill time or whatever reasons. There are number of people, especially house wives or moms find it difficult to manage rigid work hours. Most of women quit jobs due to reallocation of stages in their lives as wives and mothers. This helps them resolve their family obligations and switch over to work. Women have proved to be matured and more responsible despite they drop in with a baggage of family affairs. To attack this flextime is a solution for both employees to work and employer to retain potential employees.

Depending upon the work culture, various flextime options can be availed like login and log off time, login and log off time that differ daily, split shifts and fluctuations in the time span of the work day like one day employee may be permitted to work for 5 hrs and successive day for 10 hrs. Managers and employers should first interview and investigate the time management skills of the employee. People who intend to work in flextime should possess excellent time management skills.

Finally, by introducing flextime any organizations can run smooth, healthy environment creating satisfied, stress free employees around.

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