What is Folliculitis

You must have heard of chicken skin and we generally call such people unique or mutated but chicken skin is a skin disorder which is known as folliculitis. Folliculitis is nothing but rough bumps which are red in color and generally seen near hair follicles, buttocks, chin, upper arm, and legs. These bumps are very small and around 100 bumps can be seen on the affected area. Sometimes, folliculitis can have acne like signs such as release of milia if affected region is scratched. Usually, teenagers and kids have such skin disorder but it can happen to anyone irrespective of age. Folliculitis is a benign disorder and there is nothing to worry unless you have it on your face. Of course, red bumps on face can displease anyone.

Nature of the disorder

Anyone can get folliculitis at some stage of time. However, onset of puberty or maturation is one particular phase where both male and female endure such skin disorder along with acne. Diabetic person are prone to develop such skin disorders and its stays for a longer period. If your immune system is not strong then folliculitis will stay for a longer time. 

Cause of folliculitis

Inflammation of hair follicles is the major cause of folliculitis. Bacteria infection (especially Staphylococcus) and yeast infection are causes of this inflammation. Skin irritation and non infectious skin condition can cause folliculitis. Food consumption doesn’t play any role in the development of folliculitis. However, vitamin A deficiency can cause folliculitis. Non infectious causes such as heat and friction while playing outdoor sports can bring about folliculitis. Usually, American football players have folliculitis in the back of their shoulders as they constantly use their shoulders.

Female usually have razor burn folliculitis in their legs and thighs. Rough shaving cuts the hair follicles and makes small openings. This allows microscopic dirt and bacteria to sneak in and dig deep in the hair follicles.

There is nothing to worry as folliculitis is medically harmless and its signs goes away after prevention. However, if you have any skin infection then folliculitis can make things worse for you if it is a case of folliculitis caused by bacteria.

Prevention and Treatment

formal treatment with any antibiotic cream or lotion is necessary. Clearisil and proactiv body moisturizing soaps can be used to get rid of folliculitis. If the condition of folliculitis is severe then a person should take a sponge bath incorporating cotton soaked in white vinegar as the washer or one can soak the affected in a tub filled with diluted white vinegar or clorax bleach. Folliculitis can be easily prevented if a person avoids dirt and stays tidy. Avoid rough shaving especially body shaving.