What is Food

Food is something that in consumed by any living thing to get the nutritional value and support the existience of the same.  You would not be here if you have not had your food yet.  Well let me guess what defines food for you, is it hamburger, pizza, ice cream or is it candy bars, milk shake and coca cola, anyways, it is not going to be raw carrots, garlic, or ginger.  Food is something that provides nutrition.  Whether it is plant or animal products, food must contain active nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, or minerals.  These nutrients give us energy that allows us to grow and work.

Where does food come from?

If you are thinking that food only comes from farms, oops!  You are wrong then, not completely but the answer is incomplete.  The raw food comes from farms, but these days food does not come only from farms, rather it is being processed in factories.  Can you recall all those ingredients at the back of chips packets, for instance, butylated hydroxytoluene.  This ingredient is present in some of chips, salted peanut, breakfast cereals, and many more.  The other ingredients like calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra acetate, sodium L-ascorbate that is added in soft drinks and as a source of vitamin C.  If you talk about farm, we can have cereals, maize, wheat, rice, cheese, curd, yoghurt etc.  Even in farms you have are divided into categories animal farms and plant farms. Plants fetch spices, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, while from animals we get milk products and flesh.

However, to maintain the standards of the food quality there are certain government bodies that keeps regular on the products are manufactured by the food industry.  These bodies are international association of food protection, world resources institutes, world food program, and food and agriculture organization, international food information council.  They deal with issues of food security and food safety. 

Healthy habits and bad habits

To eat healthy food is always a great idea.  Eating too must of fatty and oily stuffs, and things like corn chips, will not fetch you with anything, other than making you just a corncob. The excessive intake of food that usually contains sugar, salts and fats, for example butter, cheese, cakes, meat, candies and margarines, makes you look fat and bring lots of other ailments like denture,  acidity and complication related to stomach and liver.  You should also beware of food that is dumped with additives and colorings, for instance fast foods, chocolates, soft drinks, cakes, junk food, fast food and many more.

For healthy you should put up with fresh and organic food, which is easily digestible. If you are a non-vegetarian then oily fish will be suitable for you.  however, for the people who are vegetarian there are plethora of choices. You can have things like vegetables particularly those of orange or dark green ones like carrot, chard, pumpkins, broccoli etc. you can supplement your diet chart with fruits, oats and fiber grains, pulses like beans and other fiber rich grains and the vegetable oils like those, which contains olive and Canova.

Food industry the biggest hit

Earlier food was considered as a source of survival.  However, definition has changed, we define food with the names of multiple cuisine.  Therefore, people are investing bucks to research and experiment of food items and dietary analysis.