What is Foreign Policy

These are rules and regulations governing how a state will relate with other states or countries. It consists of strategies that seek to fulfil the desires of a certain state in such a way as to safeguard the interests of that state and to achieve the desired goals of that particular country. Also known as foreign relations policy, states usually employ this using strategies to make sure that if that country relates with another, its interests are first met before meeting the interests of the other party. It involves relation with foreign states. It outlines how interactions and relations should be done in such a way as to protect the interest of that particular state. As we all know, the national interests of any country are very important. Thus, making a foreign policy requires a lot of decision making at the high level. It involves carrying out consultations with the various government bodies including the defence, judiciary, the legislature etc. The specific people who are usually involved in making of this policy include ambassadors, foreign ministers among many others.

Foreign policy also outlines who relating countries should relate to each other based on social, political, military and economical status. It also outlines how that state relates to non-state actors. Another phrase that is commonly used synonymously with foreign policy is international relations.

This policy becomes very important because these days, air travel has made the world a really small place. Each state has to protect its people and thus, policies must be regarding travel and what foreigners should do. Such policies are the ones that demand that foreigners pay more taxes when they work in countries that are not their own nationality. It is also such policies that try to protect countries from exploitation by others when it comes to trading in goods and services. The policy also touches on issues dealing with security, which, as we speak has become a very critical issue. It is very easy to sneak in weapons and thus intrusion of illegal weapons may result in situations that threaten the peace of a country. This is why such policies have to be created to ensure that safety and security of the citizens within that state are protected and assured of security.

One of the bodies that are active in making these foreign policies is the United Nations. Most of the foreign policies that are made usually pass through this body, which acts as the reviewer of the foreign policies so that no state is favoured over the other. Not all states are members of the United Nation, but most of the policies pass through it, which is a good way to control and regulate the making of these policies.