What is Forum Etiquette

A forum is a place which enables the users to communicate with each other online using text. Whenever a post is posted to the forum, the users are informed through an email on the registered email id. Forums are very useful and are being widely in use by the internet users to discuss over any random topic. But today, the art of forum etiquette has lost somewhere. People have lost the sense to post in the forums. They have become abusive and rude. It is not only about proper spellings and grammar but the post should be easier to understand. There is something that is called “Etiquette” and users must follow these forum etiquettes while posting something in the forums. Forum etiquettes means maintaining a standard while posting something that is acceptable by all. Some of the etiquettes which should be followed are:

You should first read the guidelines and rules of the forums and only then start posting. Read other posts to know how other people post in forums, if you are new to this. While posting something, you should keep in your mind that your post should not look like a comment only. It should have some meaning and it should give a good and constructive turn to the discussion. Do not post in CAPS. It sounds rude and loud. It is considered as you are yelling. You should stay on the topic. Do not try to distract the aim of the forum. Avoid flaming or trolling. Do not be abusive while posting. Do not get personal with someone in the forums. If you are going to start a new topic, then you should give a title which is very clear and meaningful. Avoid writing slangs like LOL, COOL etc. Some people might not understand these words. Read other posts carefully. You should not post something which has already been said by some other user. Keep in your mind that different people have different thinking and difference in opinions. So do not get personal with anyone if he/she is not convinced with your point of view. If you are stealing something then there is nothing wrong in it but inform others that you have stolen this from their posting. Avoid arguing with others until there is really a need for it.

if you will follow these forum etiquettes, then more and more people will participate in your forum discussion. Remember that you are global now and you will have to be very calm and well mannered as your forum will be read by the people across borders.

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