What is Freeware

Freeware are the products which are available to everyone. It is offered at no cost. You can download it from the internet and you need not to pay anything in return. It is freely available there. There is also a term that is shareware. But freeware is different from shareware. In case of a shareware, you will have to buy the product after the trial period gets expired. Though freeware is available freely but you cannot sell it.

The copyrights are with the owner of the product. He gives you the product to use not to sell. So you cannot sell or make any kind of modifications in the product as it completely belongs to the owner of that product. No doubt that these products which are available freely on the internet can be used for the personal use but it is not same in the case of commercial use. You will have to have a licensed product for commercial use. For a licensed product, you will have to pay. Otherwise the programs you will develop or whatever applications you will develop with the help of that freeware would not be considered as commercial. You would not be able to sell it. You will have to abide by the conditions and rules and regulations that the owner will put in order to use that product. If you would not agree to these conditions, then you will not be able to use that product.

Freeware products also have one more limitation which is that much help is not provided if in case the product fails. The owner of the product might stop uploading new versions or updated versions of that product online. He might not check it for any kind of improvements in the product. This is totally dependent on the developer of the product. However freeware can be used by anyone and it can be shared or passed to anyone without worrying about any laws. Websites such as download.com provides you the facility to download such products which are free.

There is open source software which is more useful than usually freeware as the code behind this software is open to all. Anyone can modify it and can contribute to make it more useful and can enhance it usage. There are numerous freeware programs that are available online like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Thunderbird etc. you can simply download it from any site that provides the facility for downloading these products and can start using it without paying anything in turn.

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